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Web Services Gateway

The Client was collaborating with another concern and providing services to their client. So in this scenario they had to interact with the collaborating concern for data exchange. Since they had application running on legacy technologies, there were lot of data mismatch with clients application and collaborating concern’s application. Because of this our Client could not provide the intended solution that was initially proposed. They had to hire a team of data entry operators to make sure that the data was fed to the application properly. This delayed their entire business process and our client.

The SSI engineers provided a solution based on a gateway application that integrates all the processes with the outside world on a single highly customizable platform that is easy to maintain, monitor, track, analyze and add to. SSI engineers developed Data exchange and Monitoring System (DXMS), an enterprise Web services gateway that manages, analyzes and monitors all company exchanges with the external world. Using the DXMS application allowed for better allocation of resources because it eliminated the need to have different technology experts within a given business unit.

Key Benefits:

  • The process became more simple and eliminated the manual entry errors that was possible in the prior conditions
  • This application also reduced the timeline for the application to process the data.
  • Reduced the man power needed for manual entry.
  • Increased the efficiency of the application with minor or no data mismatch.

Technologies Used

  • J2EE
  • EJB & Struts
  • Hibernate & XML