Global Presence:

Web Review Application

Web interface for communication access across United States

Danya International, a Maryland-based large service provider in public health and education, in association with the United States federal government is monitoring the organization that are provided education and health services for kids under “No Child left behind” program. Danya employs almost 5000 consultants who review various organizations across United States of America. Scheduling and monitoring these consultants became very tedious and difficult over time. Office of Head Start also wanted the review results to be available to various departments and the organization in a short period of time. More stringent the rules of OHS became, Danya had difficulty in coping up with these changes in rule. They Partnered with Supremesoft to solve this issue.

SSI used an iterative development process that was centered on a collaborative website, which provided a single communication platform and a training module for the reviewers. In Addition the web interface provides various methods to upload and download various review related documents and result. This features expedited the Reviewers to upload the review results for the federal team leads to validate them and thus decreasing the time period of the review completion and report generation. In addition, the web interface allowed the program manager to run metrics, perform detailed analysis and respond in real-time to the changing needs of the constituents served based on the data provided by the reviewers. All these metrics were provided in dashboard and report formats.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased efficiency in training module (compulsory module for reviewers) with decreased cost of training
  • Easy identification of violators of reviews
  • Reduced Timeline in overall review process with increased efficiency.

Technologies Used

  • ASP.NET 3.0 with Windows Workflow Foundation
  • SQL Server 2005
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Mappoint Technology