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Supreme Netsoft recognizes that creation of Internal Applications holds the key to success in this highly competitive world of enterprise computing. We have built Applications for ourselves and our clients, and are committed to innovations and providing continuous value.

We believe Products is about setting up conditions under which the resources of our organization can produce a piece of software of high benefit to the computing world and mankind as a whole. To this end we provide the best of facilities to encourage creativity, and lateral thought processes amongst our resources. We encourage independent thought in our resources, and believe in providing solutions off the beaten track, innovative, yet elegant.

Human Capital Management Systems (HCMS)

An expanding and dynamic business environment demands a responsive workforce capable of managing ongoing change and effectively overcoming challenges. The key to being successful starts with proper recruitment, training and retention of your existing workforce. SNPL’s Human Capital Management System (HCMS) is a must have for today’s organizations that are continuously challenged to meet the demands of an ever-changing global economy while containing costs and limited resources.

HCMS runs across the gamut of virtually every major industry. Designed specifically for the Human resource departments, this customizable product is a single source of information for all the employee needs.

Services that HCMS can provide:

  • Complete information on a potential recruit.
  • Customizable to the changing human resources needs of an organization.
  • End-to-end information from requirement to recruitment.
  • Individual reports on each recruiter/vendor.


  • Customizable to individual organization.
  • Cost effective.
  • Designed with particular focus on the needs of small and medium enterprises.

The challenge of Human Capital Management does not end with recruitment it continues as the work force has to be trained to meet the challenges of burgeoning business.

Case Studies

Web Review Application
Danya International, a Maryland-based large service provider in public health and education, in association with the United States federal government is monitoring the organization that are provided education and health services for kids under “No Child left behind” program. Danya employs almost 5000 consultants who review various organizations across United States of America…
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Web Services Gateway
The Client was collaborating with another concern and providing services to their client. So in this scenario they had to interact with the collaborating concern for data exchange. Since they had application running on legacy technologies, there were lot of data mismatch with clients application and collaborating concern’s application…
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